Veggie Sushi GF


  • 2 cups sweet brown rice
  • Sugar and rice vinegar
  • Veggies: Asparagus, carrot, avocado, onion, peppers, etc…
  • Gomashio
  • Protein: Nut butter sauce, tempeh, mushrooms etc…
  • Nori

Cook sweet brown rice first thing in the morning, with plenty of time for it to cool completely. For faster cooling you can transfer the rice to another dish, the shallower the dish the faster it will cool. After it cools mix about a tablespoon of sugar (or liquid sweetener) with about ¼ cup rice vinegar. Add this to the cooled rice and stir well. Let sit for another 30 mins. Meanwhile, you can steam or grill your veggies and protein. Get a small bowl of water, a rice paddle and a wooden cutting board ready. Have your nori, rice and veggies nearby as well as Gomashio if using. Place one nori sheet on the cutting board smooth side down, dip the rice paddle in the water and scoop some rice with it. Smear rice on the lower ¾ of the nori sheet being careful not to tear the sheet. Do a fairly thin layer because if the rice is too thick it will be difficult to fit anything else in there. Place pieces of veggies at the bottom of the sheet on the rice and if using a sauce spread just above the veggies on the rice. Sprinkle with Gomashio if using. Start at the bottom and roll the sushi as tight as possible. When you get to the unused ¼ of nori at the top dip your fingers in the bowl of water and get the edge wet. Then finish rolling it up. Place seam side down for a few minutes before cutting. Use a wet sharp or serrated knife. The pictured sushi is an inside out roll, not what we usually make nor what I wrote as this recipe but it was awesome! Adam had to use plastic on the outside to hold it together while cutting then removed the plastic of course before serving.

This is another batch we made. I think it had asparagus, bell pepper, lettuce, avocado and a nut butter sauce.

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